Our aim is to ensure that any new or renovated performing arts venues provide not only the best possible facilities for the performers and technical staff, but also meet the expectations of the public and ensures they feel part of the experience.

We want to extend the boundaries of theatre design to cater not only for the needs of today, but also for many years in the future.

Our Consultants years of experience both working as technicians in the industry and working on a wide range of installation projects around the world, ensures that we can provide a balanced, cost-effective solution for all requirements of a modern performing arts venue. We will always endeavour to find the most economical solution to ensure the long term success.

Our service doesn’t end when the installation is handed over, we will maintain contact throughout the initial period of use and provide help and advice to ensure that the staff are happy with the systems and the project aims have been achieved.

We believe that personal relationships are of great importance in successful projects, together with trusting clients. To be in an environment of complete trust and cooperation is extremely important, more so than the strictures or demands of contracts.

In recent years true collaborative working has become essential to good design. With experience, each Consultant learns the other’s skills to make for a true creative process. This tends to happen in the early meetings, when the range of design possibilities is large. For us the process is exciting and rewarding. We are not prescriptive about the design progress, but believe that the best results are achieved through informed discussion and review of ideas.

We are dedicated to excellence throughout any project through a combination of innovation through imaginative and practical solutions.