Salford University New Adelphi

New Adelphi is a landmark building that is the focus for arts and culture on campus. The space has been carefully designed to inspire and motivate; housing the music, performance, art, design and architecture students and providing a rich environment to stimulate curious minds.
This pioneering new build features a 350 capacity theatre, a 140sqm studio theatre, 2 large TV acting studios, 6 industry .. read more

TV Studio Design

A TV studio is just a large empty room with a lighting grid overhead, everything else is usually brought in for each TV production. Studios are usually either purpose built spaces or adapted industrial buildings which must be sound proofed and have high ceilings with large access doors so that scenery and equipment can be easily brought in when required.
The studio floor is where the production ta .. read more

Designing Drama Spaces in Schools

Whatever the size of the project, it is important that plans for any new school drama spaces relate to the vision for teaching and learning at the school, this will provide the framework for any building work. This ‘big picture’ thinking can have considerable impact on design
decisions. For example:

A specialist performing arts college may want the drama studio locations to be immediately vis .. read more

Stage Lighting Basics

Theatre stage lighting is designed to make the stage performance visible to the audience, but the method used to light the stage will impact on the way the stage picture is perceived and should reinforce the overall dramatic impact of the production.
The most common method for lighting a theatre stage is called the McCandless System. Stanley McCandless wrote about this method in his 1932 book &#82 .. read more

Sound System Design

The component that most people associate with a sound system is probably the loudspeaker system as this is what we hear directly. This is only the last part in the chain of a number of different devices that produce, route, process and amplify the signal before it reaches our ear. There are four main parts of a sound system:
1. Input
There are two main types of input device: microphones that conve .. read more

Designing a Flexible School Theatre

In a modern educational establishment the demands on the theatrical space are ever increasing. No longer can the theatre be the place where there are 4 to 6 performing arts productions a year with the occasional assembly or meeting. Space utilisation is the buzz word and theatres need to not only be used as much as possible, they must also have the ability to be able to quickly change from one typ .. read more

Drama by Design Project Manages Salford University Gateway Project

Drama by Design has been appointed by BAM Construction to project manage the specialist installations for the University of Salford’s new Gateway building.

This state-of-the-art £55m building will transform student life at the University of Salford when it opens in early 2016.
The ‘Gateway Project’ will provide a distinctive, aesthetically pleasing entrance to the campus from Salford C .. read more

Sheffield College new media and performing arts building

Drama by Design has been appointed by Sheffield College to work with architects Race Cottam on the design of a new build creative media and performing arts building.
The new £8.8 million, two storey extension at Hillsborough College will have performing arts, media facilities, and general teaching rooms including a theatre (with tension wire grid and flexible seating), three drama studios, two da .. read more

Solihull 6th Form College goes ahead with Drama by Design

Drama by Design has been appointed by AA Projects as theatre design consultants on the complete refurbishment of the College theatre performance space.
This involves removing all existing equipment and designing and specifying completely new auditorium seating, stage lighting, sound, audio visual, curtains and staging. Drama by Design will be project managing the works through to completion, due S .. read more

Drama by Design appointed on Barnfield College project

Drama by Design have been appointed as theatre, performing arts and creative media/TV Studio design consultants on the Barnfield College New Bedford Road project.
The new building will incorporate a theatre performing arts space, two drama studios, TV studio, six voice/audio booths, photographic studio and a radio studio. Drama by Design are working with Bond Bryan architects on the design and lay .. read more